It was 1939 – the year “Gone with the Wind” opened.

A young man named Russ Bigelow came to Rockville Centre to pen a seafood restaurant.

While working in the hotels of New England, Russ learned the true artform of frying seafood. He brought this knowledge with him and also introduced the Ipswich clam, also known as the soft shell clam to Long Island. The restaurant and the Ipswich clam were instant hits.

The restaurant has not changed much since 1939, and we are keeping the tradition of excellence started by Russ Bigelow alive. With great care, we prepare our food daily – also the oil is changed daily. Very expensive but critical for the highest quality. The best ingredients, the utmost care – the words of Russ – delicious!

Bigelow's - delicious!

516-678-3878 79 North Long Beach Road, Rockville Centre, NY, USA
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